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Ignite Your Intuition

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Overview Of Ignite Your Intuition

Kickstart a journey into better understanding your intuition, how you feel energy around you and learn what tools can be utilised to tap into your own personal instincts and ‘knowingness’ more easily.

This course is for anyone who is looking to build upon their life and improve their self awareness and enhance the joy, happiness and ease of what life should and can look like for each of us.

The aim of the course is to introduce participants into various tools and techniques that they can use to achieve a better connection with themselves and their own personal intuition. We have this power available to us, each and every day if only we look after ourselves and use it.


Learn how to choose and use a Pendulum for spiritual guidance.

Tarot & Oracle Cards

Learn about Tarot and Oracle cards and how to read a 5 card spread.

Key learning areas of this course

Ignite Your Intuition provides the perfect introduction to learning how to identify and interpret your intuition. This course provides the basic foundations of understanding the tools and techniques required to tap into your ‘knowingness’.

Ignite Your Intuition covers a variety of topics across 5 learning modules, such as:

  • Spiritual Hierarchy and Protection.

  • Communication tools including the use of Pendulums, Numerology, Tarot and Oracle cards

  • Spiritual modalities of Psychic, Clairvoyance, and Mediumship.

  • Energy systems of Chakras and Auras.

  • Supporting tools of Meditation, Grounding Techniques, and Nutrition.

  • Video tutorials and explainers on the topics of pendulums, card spreads, chakras, and meditation.

Your expert instructors for this course are Gail Warwick and Aimee Hutchen. 

Kick Start Your Spiritual Journey

Tap back into the power that is available to you - each and every day! This course is an engaging way to nurture your spiritual development and give back to yourself.

BUY NOW $349